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Honestly, 18 months planning and getting married in less than a week. In fact in exactly a week I'll be dancing my little cotton socks off to a ceilidh (sp?) band as the newly married Mr Hat. Woot!

Also, met my new line manager on Friday and went really well, he appears a human being, which is a considerable improvement on my old boss.

Kirsty also has a new job - did I say she's now the manager of the practice she works in. This is partly good, but a lot of extra stress which we Really Don't Need Right Now.

On the bad side we bought two cars, *both* of which decided to go wrong as soon as we bought them, causing an ouchy, wallet-emptying amount of repairs. I also ended up having root canal treatment at the dentist at 9pm last night, which I was really worrying about but the Dentist was lovely[1].

I start my new job on 24th March (nothing like doing everything at the same time!), but frankly the wedding is obviously the main thing! We are having a few days away in a forest cabin after the wedding too. Just to relax really:-)

Anyways, if I don't post beforehand (likely) then see you on the other side in the world of Married. **grins**

[1] On this point, have you ever heard of a dentist that is open 8am-11pm every day, and then 8am on Friday - 11pm on Sunday **continuously**? Honestly, you can ring at 4am on Saturday morning, get an appointment and turn up half an hour later. They have at least one dentist, a dental nurse and a receptionist on 24 hours on the weekends.
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So, I said that I would update once a month, and proceeded to leave it four, but there was a good reason. Something was going on that I didn't want to post publically (even friends-locked) about in case my employer saw it before I handed my notice in...

I'm getting a new job. :-) After 16 years at my current company I am moving on, for various reasons that I may talk about when in receipt of a pint, but to be honest regardless of how I felt about the old job, the new job was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Very excited. Start date is 24th March, and I'm leaving my old job on about 12th March (using up holiday to bridge the gap). This mean I'll be leaving my current place, going and getting married, and then starting the new job. yay!..

Of course, someone should have said "do you think its a really good idea to be organising a change of job/career AND organising a wedding?". "Busy" doesn't really go far enough!

Had the stag do last weekend (which was fun), Kirsty has her hen do in a couple of weeks. We have two new cars to buy (both cars are company cars) and we've got one sorted. Plus doing a lot of study to make sure that when I start the new job I'm as good an employee as I can be.

All very busy really. Good fun, in a strange and twisted way, but busy. :-)
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Ooh, so now I know there are people here after all, I’d better post something! How to compose a year into a short post...??

OK, big stuff. You know Kirsty and I are getting married? Nope? Well, you do now! In March next year. We’ll have been together 8 1/2 years by that point, so probably about time we got around to making it official! :-) :-) :-)

Work – both Kirsty and I are both still at the same places... so no change and no news – oh, she’s now de facto manager of the practice she’s in. We are also living in the same place in Sutton Coldfield, and we’ve done more or less nothing to the house or garden over the last year, though we did buy a full size pool table for my 40th as a mid-life crisis present. I’m still amazingly shite at pool though!

Climbing still going strong for both of us, had a shoulder operation last October as I properly damaged it, so this year has been a year of recovery (and trying to lose the weight I put on when strapped up). Did get one milestone achieved which was 200-outside-routes-in-a-day, really chuffed with that.

Got lots more friends in the Brum area now – this last year has seen a major expansion of people we know here, Kirsty runs a regular cake-and-craft event, we spend far too much time going out to dinner, and as usual see loads of friends from all over the country on a regular basis. Still running the bring and buy at Whitby, and we even went clubbing on Saturday – who would have thought it, 40 years old and still dancing very badly... :-)

That’s about all I can think of. Still got the same website and am trying to get photos up to date.

I will try to update once-a-month and get this LJ going again...
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It's all a bit strange really.....

For some reason, I got thinking today about Livejournal.... and the way I used to document my life, and how I kind of miss looking back after years to see what I was up to and what my hopes and aspirations were six month/a year/two years/etc before, and what my friends were up to and what their hopes and aspirations were.....

.... and then got to a stage where it was kind of nagging at me. Like when you get the Chicken Song in your head and it takes three weeks to go...

So I wondered if there was still anyone on Livejournal, so, after a certain degree of rummaging finding passwords, etc, I log into find at least three friends posting regularly. It's a bit like going back to the club of your teenage years, in a now-derelict warehouse, and pushing open the door to find three of your mates still dancing to the Timewarp*.

So, was wondering if there was anyone else out here in the wilderness?

* Not that there is anything wrong in the timewarp, I note.....
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I know I should just give up on LJ and just get a facebook, but I kind of want to avoid the all-your-life-belongs-to-us attitude over there...

Anyway, bit of news... After 15 years of martial arts and almost a decade of climbing, I have finally managed to injure myself severly enough to require surgery.

Basically, I've managed to rip a ligament in my shoulder off its moorings whilst climbing (actually, whilst bouldering, but same difference), and since there's no way it's going to spontaneously re-glue itself to my arm it has to be nailed back on manually.

So, operation on 20th - i.e. next Saturday, general aneasthetic, the works. Hence if folk see me at Whitby I'll be in a sling, so to save you asking, that's why!
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I am tired, Kirsty is tired. We are all tired.

Kirsty's course continues, my silly work schedule continues. Still averaging 60+ hours this week. Working away a lot too.

Physio continues, Back and shoulder getting better, Kirsty's foot and my wrist not so good.

Have decided to book a couple of days away this weekend, and head off to the Hay Festival to actually get some headspace time and actually spend some time with Kirsty. Tomorrow climbing, Tuesday climbing...

Right now sleep after a 17 hour day at work... *zzzzzzzzzz*

Current Mood: tired tired

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Well, I went on the plumbing course... I fitted two bathrooms and a radiator with all the pipework stuff, and have now done my first bit of plumbing at home, fitting a bypass on the boiler. And its not leaking... *bounce*

Whitby was fun, if (as usual) hard work. The bring and buy raised £850.72 for charity (woot!) and thanks to all the volunteers who made that possible.

Otherwise work is going at its usual hectic rate, as usual really busy. Kirsty's course is getting, if anything, more hard work, and hence we're not having much of a life...

Except, well, last weekend we were out with friends to dinner on Friday, out at the Goth Ball on Saturday, and down in Gloucester for Kirsty's Dad's birthday on Sunday, stopping to see some friends on the way back. Thie week we've got friends coming on Wednesday, Climbing on Thursday, more friends coming for dinner on Saturday.

Plus I might be in Yorkshire for the weekend, I'm working in Bradford tomorrow, Leeds on Thursday, have a dental appointment on Wednesday and Physio on Thursday.

All in all we are shoe-horning things in where we can.
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Gawd I'm getting bad at this.... (updating, that is..)

Basically I'm working silly hours and doing two-and-a-half full time jobs. This has resulted in working weekends, evening, and normal days. It also means I'm missing things on here, so if I've missed something important, please ring/text me.

Holiday in Spain was lovely, but we didn't get in as much climbing as we thought, as Dave was ill at the beginning of the week and Kirsty knacked her knee at the end. So only two days climbing, but four days running around Barcelona seeing the sights! It's an ill wind that blows no good...

On the plumbing course this week, already have lots of projects arond the house. By the end of it I should be technically capable of fitting a new boiler - i.e. have the knowledge - but won't have the requisite gas safe qualifications (which are expensive) so am disallowed from doing so actually. I'll certainly have the knowledge to put in bathrooms, radiators, sinks, showers, loos, etc - in fact the course includes two entire bathroom fits, including radiators. One via copper and soldering, one via speed-fit.

Was quite chuffed today that bathroom fit #1 today was tested and was watertight.

Kirsty's course is going well as well, though a lot of work for her. She's also working most evenings and weekends, of course in addition to her normal job.

We've also started doing work around the house again, and are looking at getting the patio done in a couple of weeks, after which we'll be skint again.

Resistence this weekend, rest of the month is working in Liverpool next week, Leeds the week after, then a couple of days in Leeds before we head off to Whitby.

*phew* Right, time to clear out the garage, as currently we can only get in there sideways......
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Been ages since I posted... its been a busy time...

Work is currently nuts, I'm working on two substantial projects, plus running the department of 90-odd people. Averaging about 60-70 hours a week. In fact am working both days this weekend, Grrrr. Anyway, enough of that, on to the interesting stuff...

1. We're off on a climbing holiday to Spain in a couple of weeks with Dave and Jenny. Got an amazing deal with laterooms and appear to be staying at a 5 star hotel in Barcelona for cheaper than we could book the Travelodge down the road from our house. Looking forward to the rock, should be fun:-)

2. Boiler (finally) getting replaced on Monday and Tuesday. Given its been three months since I've had a hot shower I'm really quite looking forward to this. What I'm not looking forward to is Monday night when we will have no heating. Well, no central heating. We'll probably regress 100 years and be sitting in front of the open fire covered in blankets:-)

3. Lots of climbing being done, regular twice a week. Actually went to Leeds wall on Monday (I'm staying away with work quite a bit) and ran up and down the main wall quite a lot. Twas fun:-) Not been outside yet this year but its been a bit chilly! What I was gratified to learn was that Leeds wall gradings are still as soft as ever. Was warming up on 6c's and very nearly got up a 7a+ onsight, and was seriously considering a 7c. I'd say Redpoint 6a = Leeds 6c.

4. Running going ok, did a 4 mile run the other day which went well. Trying to get aerobic fitness up given 40 years old is approaching.

5. Lots of seeing people. So far this year we've been to the middle of nowhere to see Aidan and Mahala, Bristol to go clubbing and see Kirsty's brother, Had Dazza & Julia staying for the weekend, and this coming weeeknd I'm off to the middle of nowhere for Jenny and Lee's kids naming ceremony and tonight we're off clubbing to celebrate Lula's 30th. Next weekend we're off to see my mum for her birthday., and next week Leisha and her kid are coming to stay for a couple of days.

6. I made some wine! 25 gallons of Apple wine are going gloop in th dining room...

7. The bad news - The inland revenue have finally cottoned on to the fact I have two company cars and "adjusted" my tax code. K434. Argh. Hence from April we're going to be skint...

8. Finally booked myself on a plumbing course. 1st week of April I'm off to learn to be a plumber:-) **bounce** I can then start on all the various plumbing nightmares in this house.

9. Kirsty has started her course, so she's working all weekends and evenings too.

Hopefully see people soon! :-)
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So, last year I wrote…

So, I guess, what are the targets for 2011?

1. Get better at Piano!!!

2. Climb more. 'nuff said. 365 outside routes and an average of at least twice a week... (carried over from last year)

3. Go on a climbing holiday. We've had plans for this for ages, but have never managed it. Spain or France would be cool! Actually, any holiday would be good!

4. Get savings back to decent level.

5. Go clubbing a bit more!

So how did we do?Read more...Collapse )

All in all, 2011 was a good year and we got lots done, but it would be nice if 2012 was a bit more relaxing…..
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